“Give me a minu…

“Give me a minute, I’m trying to get octopus out of my teeth”

– quotes from Japan


Criminal Justice in Edo Japan

Every society, no matter how different or diverse, exotic or absurd, shares one common problem. I am, of course, speaking of the criminal justice system. But despite it’s years of existing, the system is by no means perfect. In the words of Ben Whinshaw, “The criminal justice system, just like every other system designed by human beings, clearly has it’s flaws.” That being said, the system put in place during the Tokugawa era certainly had it’s fair share of them. The main deficiency at the time was that it simply was not effective at reducing criminal behavior throughout Japan. To find out more click here

Moving walkways, error noises and the row of revenge


There is little more terrifying than that the intentionally loud and obnoxious sound that resonates whenever a mistake is made. You know which one I’m talking about, that weird not high or low pitched tone that sends fear into your heart and alerts the people around you that you have done something wrong.

Read my (as I like to think) witty rant about the events that took place during and after my flight to Japan