Shutters and Suitcases

I wrote the following while on a trip to the ‘Geothermal Wonderland’ of Rotorua with the ‘Fellowsheep’ I noticed how many pictures we were all taking of something that was not particularly engaging and started to ponder what these pictures meant and why we were taking them. All photos in this piece were taken by me using my film camera. 

We have the heavy- duty over-packers philosophy when itno limits comes to taking pictures. We click that freeze button so many times the action becomes meaningless. stuffing memories into a suitcase packed full with similar experiences just in case we ever need them for later. The suitcase has no limits so we don’t value the space.

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Shadows engulfing the mundane


New experiences sell. It is easy to get explorers excited about doing something they have never done before.

This past week we had our first WeXplore in New Zealand. We visited the Bay of Plenty with a fantastic group we called the Fellowsheep and an unbelievable itinerary including things like Hobitton and Caving. Compared with these brilliant activities, I wasn’t as excited for kyaying.  Click here to find out why I now consider kyaking to be my favorite activity we did on the trip…