The Life and Death Brigade, Exotic Fruit Platters, White Water Rafting and Why I am Running Out of Gigabytes



If human memory is stored the same way a computer’s is than I’m afraid a dangerous amount of my hypothetical gigabytes goes to storing sitcom dialogue. And I know that were I aiming for a piece of great literature it would not be acceptable for me to draw comparisons to storage compartments packed with Ross and Rachel’s love life and John Snow’s cave sex along with other such irrelevant brain accessories. But I have never claimed, or indeed even attempted to claim a great literary title. Heck, I’ve never even finished a Jane Austin novel.


Besides, if being some great literary genius means that I am not allowed to reference Blaire Waldorf’s ridiculousness once in a while than I am not sure that’s a crown I would want to wear. But the comparison in question does not involve Queen B or her minions, but rather two potentially insane and incredibly witty girls with the last name of Gilmore. And , were I to be more specific, a tale involving a Huntsberger, tents, two umbrellas and a gorilla mask. The Life and Death Brigade was a Yale secret society featured in the Gilmore Girls episode ‘You Jump I Jump, Jack.’ which as any Gilmore-obsessed person knows, was one of the best episodes in the series. The Brigade specialized in the mis of alcohol, adrenaline and pureIMG_4315 unadulterated class. Rory, upon entering this strange and magical world of the society is shell-shocked and amazed. I could relate to that. You see, after dragging a blow-up raft up a hill proceeding an amazingly rough, rugged and thrill-inducing water rafting ride I was walked up a jungle path which opened, somewhat bizarrely upon a clearing complete with kitchen island, exotic fruit platters, cookies, canopies, and (most thrillingly) hammocks. What was this strange land bordered by the great and wild rainforests of Costa Rica stretching as far as the eye could see? Perhaps this wonderland would have been very different and a lot less spectacular had I even in the vicinity of glamour or civilization, but her, emerging from crisp water, viper territory and “human fertilizer” this running water thing is pretty darn amazing. And heck, if a Huntzberger pops up with an umbrella, I will be pretty confident it is not going to be used to ward off the downpour.


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